Go Quick Change with NOVA 

Go Quick Change with NOVA 
Here's why  

QUICK CHANGE Fast and positive jaw changes with Infinity Quick Change System. Under 30 seconds and even faster! Much faster and less hassle than the screw fastening method with the older NOVA chuck models and other chuck brands.

STRONG, SECURE & SELF LOCKING JAWSThe NOVA Infinity Jaw Key and Infinity Jaws Slides are a precision cast metal amalgam 3 times the tensile strength of machine grade steel. Jaw Key positively taper locks into Jaw slide with an embedded dovetail design. A stronger and more rigid bond than the original NOVA Screw on Jaws. The Infinity Jaws are taper locked inline with the forward rotation of the chuck. They are safe to use at higher speeds and with larger turning work.

DESIGN FRIENDLYThe Infinity Accessory Jaws provide seamless and overlapping jaw sizes so any project base can be gripped*. The Infinity Jaws provide a seamless range in 3 different jaw types: Bowl Jaws 1-7, Sawtooth Jaws 1-4, Smooth Column Jaws 1-3 and specialty jaws.

STRONGER JAW DESIGNThe Infinity Jaws are larger, more robust and rigid than the older jaw designs, providing enhanced workholding and turning possibilities. The Infinity Jaws use the well proven NOVA Dovetail Profile, designed to grip the wood firmly. The deep serrated jaws give a superior grip for long tenon (spigot) turning.

UPGRADES TO EXISTING NOVA CHUCKSThe NOVA Infinity system is the only brand that offers upgrades and retro fits for existing NOVA chuck owners. To use the Infinity Quick Change jaws on your existing NOVA Chuck, simply update your existing NOVA chuck with the Infinity Upgrade Jaw Set.

RETRO FIT EXISTING NOVA ACCESSORIES TO INFINITY QUICK CHANGE The NOVA Infinity Retro Fit Kit allows you to upgrade your existing NOVA accessory jaws to Infinity Quick Change technology. Turns your favorite NOVA Accessory Jaws into a no fastener Quick Change! Spend more time turning, allows you to make your accessory jaw changes in under 30 seconds.