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The NOVA Infinity Saw Tooth Spigot (Tenon) Jaw Series are designed to provide aggressive and more rigid holding for longer goblets, vases and other hollow form work.
The Infinity Quick Change Accessory Jaws  combines the best features of our original NOVA Chuck Accessories (wide jaw movement, quick two way grip) with the advantages of the latest technology and innovation breakthroughs for chuck holding. 
 The Infinity system also allows complete freedom in jaw design with no screw fastenings to limit jaw function. The NOVA Innovation team were able to take a fresh look at jaw holding to help the woodturner to select the appropriate jaw to enable the just the right shape and design for their work, no matter the size.  A ‘freedom to design’ was not possible with the original jaw series. The Infinity jaw series approach is based around workholding solutions in areas such as bowl turning, spigot/tenon turning, hollow forms.
  • Fast, easy to change out Accessory Jaws (around 25 seconds for a whole set, compared with 5-6mins or longer that it used to be with the old technology!) 
  • A seamless series of bowl jaws which allows the selection of the correct jaw for the size and diameter of wood.
  • Strong powerful grip - Jaw key positively taper locks into the jaw slide with an embedded dovetail design, stronger and more rigid than the original NOVA screws and jaws. 
  • Strong  - the Infinity Jaw Key are precision cast and sintered from metal amalgam, 3 x the tensile strength of machine grade steel. 
  • Self locking - the Infinity jaws are taper locked in line with the forward rotation of the chuck. Holds tight at higher speeds with with larger turning work. 
  • Auto stop slides - restricts the opening of the chuck jaws beyond their maximum range of travel, ensuring a safer turning experience. 

SKU 8311
Standard Equipment: 
4 x Infinity Saw Tooth Jaws #1 
1 x Instruction Manual 

SKU 8312
Standard Equipment: 
4 x Infinity Saw Tooth Jaws #2 
1 x Instruction Manual 

SKU 8313*
Standard Equipment: 
4 x Infinity Saw Tooh Jaws #3 
1 x Instruction Manual 


SKU 8314*
Standard Equipment: 
4 x Infinity Saw Tooth Jaws #4 
1 x Instruction Manual 

The Infinity Saw Tooth Jaw series of 4 jaws provides a seamless and secure workholding range for the aggressive and rigid holding for larger, longer form hollow work.