Go Quick Change with NOVA 



Q: I have a NOVA Chuck, can I convert to the Infinity Quick Change? 
A: YES, if you own a SuperNOVA2 or NOVA G3 chuck, made from 2004 onwards.  You can purchase an
Infinity Upgrade Kit, and quickly and easily swap out your chuck jaw slides to Go Quick Change. If your NOVA chuck is not one of these models, or was made or purchased before 2004, then you can still access the Infinity technology, but you will need to buy an Infinity Chuck instead. 

Q:Which of my NOVA Chuck Accessories can be made to go Quick Change?  And how do I do this? 
A: ALL of your existing NOVA Chuck Jaw Accessories can be updated to Quick Change.  You will need a Retro Fit Kit which consists of 4 jaw keys which you need to fit to your chuck jaw accessory.  You will require 1 x Retro Fit Kit per accessory jaw.  Of course, in order to use the retro-fitted accessory as Quick Change, you will first need either your older NOVA chuck upgraded OR purchase a SuperNOVA Infinity Chuck to ensure your chuck is in fact Quick Change.  

Q: I feel nervous that the chuck jaws may fly out of the chuck, especially if its run in reverse. Should I be worried?  
You can be assured after 30 years of Chuck innovation and over 3

years of testing and development on this particular technology, we are confident in the design. We do specify in our Infinity manuals that light sanding up to 2000rpm in reverse is fine, but turning operations, especially above 2000rpm in reverse, is not recommended.  Simply spinning the chuck in reverse will not result in any dislodgement whatsoever. We have tested reverse operations extensively and in conditions far exceeding what we have outlined, and the Infinity technology  performed flawlessly without incident.  If we weren’t confident in it, we would not release it.   Safety is always our first concern with the development of any new product. With the NOVA Infinity system, the mandates to provide seamless holding ranges and the ability to change jaw sets in seconds, were preceded by a mandate that the new system offer the same safety and reliability as our standard chucks and jaws. The Infinity system delivers on all counts. Infinity jaws lock into place with more positive contact area than standard jaws and the holding force of the jaws to the slides increases as RPMs increase.  Jaw travel stop is incorporated into the design of the jaw slides to prevent them dislodging from the chuck.Both the jaw slides and the keys are made from a special self-lubricating, sintered, metal amalgam,  3x  the tensile strength of conventional machine grade steel. The embedded inline fastening design of the jaw key to the jaw slide delivers the strongest bond against the outward rotational thrust.  The taper key automatically locks against the rotational thrust and if there is any wear over time it simply beds into the taper, delivering a stronger and more rigid bond than the original NOVA Screw on Jaws.

Q: With the lack of fastenings, do I need to tighten the chuck jaws more than with old fastening type chuck technology?  How much should I tighten the chuck jaws?  I have a torque wrench, should I use that? A: The design of the Infinity system holds fast and well in all normal turning operations.  There is no need to excessively tighten – that can in fact be detrimental to what you are trying to achieve. We don’t recommend using a torque wrench, or for that matter any other long handled hex wrenches or ratchets.  Only the NOVA handle supplied with the chuck should be used. It can be dangerous to over-tighten jaws unnecessarily – firstly it creates excessive load on the product, but secondly it creates excessive load on the wood – crushing into the foot of your project and could cause tearing out of the Wood fibers. The Infinity system has been stress, load and user tested under many different conditions and the NOVA chuck handle supplied is completely sufficient to tighten the Infinity Chuck Jaws for all normal turning operations. 

NOVA Infinity incorporates a sweeping taper design, the holding force of the jaws to the slides increases as the RPMs increase.  

The jaws are made from a special amalgam 3 x the strength of machine grade steel. 

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