Go Quick Change with NOVA 


Taking the problem of traditional work holding, the large existing NOVA owner base and the need to explore new manufacturing technologies, the NOVA design team were faced with some very exacting constraints that had to be met. Teknatool’s R&D department spent some 3 years working on research, testing and prototypes, turning the user pain points, the fundamentals of workholding and manufacturing, on its head. 
 One of the keys in the product brief was to make sure the hundreds of thousands of existing NOVA customers weren’t forced to purchase an entirely new system. So the ability to create upgrade and retro fit paths were critical in the design process from the beginning, and is a unique feature of the NOVA brand DNA. We were on a steep learning curve, developing not only 1 but over 18 products in the range, to be launched simultaneously, along with taking into consideration previous product iterations and the inherent product and material design factors. The design of the products involved complex equipment and finishing processes that have been more commonly been used in automotive and aerospace industries. 
The unique design and manufacturing process, is the most advanced to date in the Woodworking industry and is the first time such processes have been used in that equipment.  It provides a significant technological leap ahead for the company and the industry. The revolutionary & patented NOVA QUICK CHANGE system has reinforced NOVAs position as a Technology leader in its field.  Its clever design assists the already large loyal user base whilst bringing unique safety, holding, and user benefits to the market. Both the jaw slides and the keys are made from a special self-lubricating, sintered, metal amalgam, 3x the tensile strength of conventional machine grade steel.


This is by far and away the most complex product release we have ever done since DVR" says Nathan Stantiall, General Manager, NZ. We wanted to take this product on a complete 360, looking at it from every angle, questioning everything. Not only is this product making their turning faster, more productive and enjoyable, but the design potential of the full seamless range of accessories and the much improved strength and safety aspects.

...all are radically new aspects for the market, and quite different to any other chuck brand.”